Issues Model European Parliament Boedapest 2016

Here you can find an outline of the issues which will be studied by the several committees during the international MEP-conference 2016 in Budapest. 





Committee on Culture and Education

Youth interest in public affairs has long been declining, with the risk of a growing democratic deficit. What further steps could the EU take to promote active and responsible European citizenship among young people?



Committee on Development

Despite the progress made under the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), we are seeing growing inequalities, poverty and malnutrition throughout the world. What priorities should the EU consider for its aid spending in developing countries in order to be able to support a greater number of people in need?


Committee on Human Rights

The resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict is a fundamental interest of the EU. The EU’s objective as part of the Middle East Peace Process is a two-state solution with an independent, democratic, viable and contiguous Palestinian state based on the rule of law and respect of human rights –living side-by-side in peace and security with Israel and its other neighbours. How could the EU enforce the human rights criteria in the long-term resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict?


Committee on Employment and Social Affairs 

With an influx of refugees seeking asylum, the EU is facing the challenge of their social inclusion and integration into the labour market. What possible strategies can the EU adopt to help these processes in member states?


Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Security 

Today’s food environment reinforces preferences for foods of poor nutritional quality, which are highly responsible for obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and early mortality. What EU-wide regulations could result in better and more responsible attitudes from industry and citizens to help create a healthier situation?


Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality 

With general concerns over a prevailing pay gap, and women's underrepresentation in decision making processes in EU member states, there is still a great amount of work to be done towards gender equality in the European Union. What steps could the EU take to reach gender equality and to empower women?


Committee on Industry, Research and Energy 

Green technology may be the key to reducing carbon emissions thus tackling global climate change, and there seems to be need for better involving SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) into researching these technologies. Should the EU subsidise the development, production, and retail of green technologies?


Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs 

With a growing threat of attacks, fighting terrorism is becoming one of the top priorities of the EU. What further measures could help achieving the goals of the EU’s Counter Terrorism Strategy whilst upholding the fundamental rights and ensuring data protection and privacy of EU citizens?


Committee on Security and Defence

Private security companies are often used by governments because they can provide specialized services using state-of the-art technology. To what extent should the EU use private security companies in the context of European security and defence?


Committee on Transport and Tourism

Congestion, traffic fatalities and pollution are issues of growing concern that European cities face. What steps could the EU take to achieve cleaner, safer, and more sustainable means of urban mobility?


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