Issues EURO-MED Naples 2017

Here you can find an outline of the issues which will be studied by the several committees during the interregional EURO-MED MEP-conference 2017 in Naples.





Committee on Foreigns Affairs (AFET) I

Can the “Union for the Mediterranean” currently be considered of any relevance? Despite the commitment of its members, the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), a small institution with limited action and no significant political weight, can be regarded as the symbol of European policy’s failure in the Mediterranean area. Is the aforementioned consideration to be taken for granted or does the UfM actually have something to say and do in the future? If the latter, how can it be relaunched?


Committee on Foreign Affairs - subcommittee on Human Rights (AFET/DROI)

The situation in the Mediterranean and the need for a common EU approach to immigration It is a matter of fact that immigration has increasingly grown and the trend does not seem to decline. A key factor which could help to cope with this emergency is the awareness of the ultimate causes of migration in the Mediterranean area. After identifying these reasons, which strategies can be most effective to face the problem of immigration in the Mediterranean?


Committee on Foreign Affairs - subcommittee on Security and Defence (AFET/SEDE)

Defence in Europe: is it possible to move forward? What are the measures which could be adopted in order to achieve the following three objectives of the European Union Global Strategy (EUGS): a) responding to external conflicts and crises, b) assist partners in building their capabilities in security and defence, and c) protecting the EU and its citizens.


Committee on International Trade (INTA)

The sea as an opportunity for Mediterranean countries and the EU The sea is considered an opportunity of economic growth for the EU since it provides millions of jobs and added value worth hundreds billions euro. What are possible instruments and actions for further development of the Blue Economy concerning sustainable transport, trade, tourism, ports and fishing?


Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE)

The clean energy revolution in the EU The EU has launched a maxi energy plan which proposes rules to redefine electricity market, efficiency in building, renewable energy, consumers’ rights. What measures can be taken to provide more reliable guidelines in a sector in which investments are often remarkable and require a stable predictable set of regulations?


Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM)

For equality between women and men after 2016 Equality between men and women is one of EU main objectives. Over the years, legislation, body of laws and modifications of Treaties have contributed to reinforce this principle and its application within the EU. What measures can be taken to support such an evolution in all Mediterranean countries?


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