Issues Model European Parliament Tallinn 2018

Here you can find an outline of the issues which will be studied by the several committees during the international MEP-conference 2018 in Tallinn.





Foreign Affairs

The question of EU-Russian relations:

What kind of approach should the European Union take towards Russia, considering their systematic efforts to destabilize the community of liberal democracies? What could the European Union do in relation to human rights abuses and the erosion of democracy in Russia? How should the European Union accommodate the interests of European businesses in the present geopolitical climate?


Employment and Social Affairs

The question of automation and employment:

How should the European Union approach the age of automation? Which changes in laws and rules should be considered, in terms of both enabling economic growth and making sure that safety is not compromised? How to take into account the fact that automation will have a significant impact on the job market?


Women's Rights and Gender Equality

The question of dealing with sexual harassment:

How should the European Union react to the growing awareness of sexual harassment of women? Considering the European Union’s power related to workplace issues, could it do more to ensure that progress is being made in combating the problem?


Constitutional Affairs

The question of break-away regions in the EU:

What approach should the European Union take in situations where a part of a member state wishes to break away? How should the European Union react in situations in those countries that can be tense and divisive?


Environment, Public Health and Food Safety

The question of addressing growing mental health issues:

How could the European Union ensure that the issue of mental health problems receives more attention and is addressed more thoroughly? How to ensure that people know when and how to seek help?


Human Rights

The question of EU – Turkey relations:

Considering developments in Turkey that are in ideological opposition to European values, how should the European Union define Turkey’s position in relation to the European Union? What could the European Union do to promote a more open society in Turkey?


Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

The question of ensuring media accountability:

What should the European Union do to ensure the media maintains its regulatory capacity in providing objective, accurate and comprehensive coverage of national and international events both in member states and across the globe? What measures could be taken to counter attempts to destabilize societies and their political processes? How can the public be better prepared to deal with fake news, alternative facts, manipulated headlines and media bashing.



Security and Defence

The question of cross European counter terrorism:

What should the European Union do in response to the growing number of terrorism-related deaths in Europe? How to accommodate the need for robust counter-terrorism into a community of nations where privacy and other basic rights are paramount?


International Trade

The question of Trans-Atlantic trade:

How should the European Union react to the fact that its long-term partner the USA is opting out of all trade agreements? What should be done in relation to the talks on the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement (TPTA)? Should TTIP be scrapped and replaced by a new US-EU trade and investment partnership?



Internal Market and Consumer Protection

The question of e-services and a single digital market:

How could the European Union make better use of modern e-services? How should it approach the drawbacks that come along with rapid digitization? How to proceed with the Single Digital Market?


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