Issues MED-MEP Nicosia 2019

Here you can find an outline of the issues which will be studied by the several committees during the interregional MED-MEP conference 2019 in Nicosia.





Committee on Economic Affairs, subcommittee Environment and Public Health (ECON/ENVI)


The question of Blue Economy.

‘Blue’ Economy (or Blue Growth) refers to an ocean/sea based economic development which employs sustainable technologies and infrastructure to secure growth, protecting the marine element at the same time. Considering the economic crisis that the South has been facing in the last years, how can the EU Mediterranean countries achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive development to benefit their economies?



Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL)


The question of qualified migration.

Freedom of movement in the EU forms one of the fundamental rights of its citizens, opening new prospects to young people around Europe. The ‘brain drain’ or otherwise called ‘qualified migration’ phenomenon, however, may lead to a region’s permanent loss of skilled workers and students. What measures can the EU take in order to prevent the harmful effects of economic migration?



Committee on Foreign Affairs - subcommittee on Security and Defence (AFET/SEDE)

The question of violation of human rights in Cyprus by Turkey.

The European Court of Human Rights has found the government of Turkey culpable for gross and systematic violations of human rights in Cyprus, the last divided EU-country. Considering the United Nations’ resolutions, which demand the safe return of refugees to their homes and call for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Cyprus, how can the EU contribute to the implementation of the above and restoration of all human rights that Cypriots have been deprived of since 1974?



Committee on Industry, Researche and Energy (ITRE)

The question of EU’s energy autonomy.

Considering the large gas reserves discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean and with emphasis on Europe’s energy security, how can the region form alternative energy routes to the EU, reinforcing the Union’s energy autonomy and independence at the same time?



Committee on Security and Defence, subcommittee Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (SEDE/LIBE)


The question of migration.

Migration has a bigger impact on the EU Mediterranean countries than on other EU member states. As a result, the deployment of a common strategy to face this challenge has become more urgent than ever. Emphasis should be given on the safe guarding of the Southern European borders by taking into consideration human rights at the same time.



Committee on Culture and Education (CULT)

The question of Euroscepticism related to education.

European Union is built on values such as peace, freedom, tolerance, solidarity. Brexit and Euroscepticism, however, erode these ideals. These values must not be taken for granted; we have to work for them. What role can Education play in promoting and preserving such values thus contributing towards strengthening European solidity and promoting the European spirit?



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